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Your data, where you need it: 

Our data integration specialists consolidate your critical business information for your accessibility anytime you need it. Data migration and consolidation is now easier than ever. 

Why DataBank?

As an end-to-end business process solutions provider, we know that “one-size-fits-all” fits no one. We’re your one-stop shop when it comes to the tools, services, and solutions that fit the way you work and improve every step of your processes—increasing productivity across the board, saving you time and money.

Your Documents are Scanned. Now What?

We work together to ensure your data is fully accessible from anywhere in your system of record.

All scanned documents are validated and indexed, making them fully searchable.

Any data (on servers, legacy systems, antiquated forms of media, etc.) can be identified, migrated, and consolidated.

Our team can work closely with you to design automated workflows, putting your data to work for you.

Data Migration & Consolidation

Combine all of your critical data from different platforms, formats, and locations into a secure single point of access.

 Outsource data conversion services allows you to focus on your core business and reduce labor overhead.

 Migrate your application to the cloud  with our legacy application migration services so no information ever goes missing.

Our data migration consulting services are here to find the right solution  to meet your specific business requirements.

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 Ironclad Security

ISO 27001 certified, SOC2 Type II, HIPAA, and HITECH compliant

Centralize and Consolidate Your Data

Information keeps your organization going, but centralized and secure data makes your company more efficient. Our number one priority is maintaining the integrity of your data. You can rest assured that information won't be lost, the source is never altered and the destination is always known. Our experts specialize in data conversions, integrations, cloud migrations, and more.

Accurate and Secure: 

Limit disparate sources to manage data with optimal security in a central database system.

Validation at Every Step:

Always know where your data is located with our database centralization system. View data in real-time, and maintain the integrity of your data while eliminating redundancies.


Our data migration consultants can help eliminate legacy resources and modernize your data. Our specialists have extensive experience migrating data from multiple systems, consolidating data, converting systems, and mapping the current state of each process. 

Our cloud migration services can help customize a cloud strategy to consolidate resources, standardize your processes, and modernize your data.

Flexible Cloud Migration Solutions

Database Migration

Enable data consistency across your enterprise. Our centralized document management services integrate with your existing processes.

Legacy Data Migration 

Transition and migrate legacy data to a centralized system to consolidate, store, and retrieve information in a single access point. 

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