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As a leading end-to-end business process solutions provider, we know that “one-size-fits-all” solutions fit no one. Instead, we're a one-stop-shop for any tools, services, or solutions tailored to improve every step of your business processes—increasing productivity across the board, saving you time, resources, and money. 

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Your Documents are Scanned. Now What?

We work together to ensure your data is fully accessible from anywhere in your system of record.

All scanned documents are validated and indexed, making them fully searchable.

Any data (on servers, legacy systems, antiquated forms of media, etc.) can be identified, migrated, and consolidated.

Our team can work closely with you to design automated workflows, putting your data to work for you.

You've Got (Digital) Mail.

Get the same innovative digital mailroom solution Fortune 500 companies have adopted to keep their businesses moving forward quickly and efficiently.

This webinar recording will teach you more about the spectrum of digital mailroom solutions and how you can better bridge the analog-to-digital gap in your current mailroom operations.

Where would you invest dollars if you could cut overhead costs?

Why DataBank?

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Our digital mailroom powered by Eco-Mail is the only full-suite solution to digitize mail in the industry. It can help reduce or even completely eliminate costs associated with: 

        – Initial Sort & Delivery
        – Post-Delivery Sub-Sort
        – Inter-Office Mail
        – Secondary Delivery

        – Multiple Mailroom Locations
        – Duplication
        – Scanning
        – Offsite Storage

Remote work?
The “new normal” for businesses.

A PwC survey of nearly seven hundred CEOs revealed that 

Custom-tailor your mail intake and ingestion strategy.

Whether you’re looking to hand off the majority of your mailroom operations, are more interested in handling things in-house, or maybe are hoping you can get a little bit of both, we have flexible solutions that can be scaled to your specific needs.

Bridge your analog-to-digital gap.

Digitize inbound physical mail and revolutionize your operations by driving greater efficiency, security, and remote collaboration.

Ingest & Classify All
Analog Content

Analyze & Route Mail to Teams or Individuals

Extract Data & Add
It To Your System
of Record

Integrate Information to Power Your Workflows

About 85% of all mail can be automatically routed to the correct people,
and it's all configurable.





believe remote work is here to stay.