Project Lifecycle:

90% of DataBank's services have always been delivered remotely. Right now we have approximately 200 active projects and 173 of those projects will never see an on-site meeting.

From beginning to end, deliver all project phases remotely: 

•   Kick-Off

•   Discovery

•   User Acceptance Training

•   Go-Live

Remote Services: 

Stay Productive Wherever You Work

Watch this video to learn how you can stand up automated solutions for your constituents in response to COVID-19 while adhering to government guidelines.

This video features Maricopa County Office of Vital Records and how they were able to stand up an application on the Maricopa County public website so constituents can submit applications from home as an effort to protect them during the COVID pandemic.

Immediate Assistance for Your Evolving Needs

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Staff Augmentation:

Contract DataBank's skilled roster of over 120 employees based on your ideal needs for a fixed range of time (typically 3-12 months) without the long-term commitment. 

Staff augmentation uses include:

•   Project Implementation

•   Help Desk & Tickets

•   Education & Training

•   System Administration Work

•   Support & Issue Resolution

Staffing Needs: 

Easily Hire Staff For Your Temporary Needs

  • Watch this video for use cases on how staff augmentation can support your immediate needs.

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System Strength: 

Ensure Your Solutions Are Serving Your Needs

System Health Checks:

System health checks provide a thorough analysis of your technical solutions so you can better understand where you are today and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Each system health check includes a remote assessment of your:

•   Servers

•   Database

•   Database Management Plans

Enterprise Planning:

DataBank can help you create a road map for success by prescribing new solutions that will have a successful, long-term impact. Whether it's starting with a scalable solution or implementing quick wins, we are here to guide you through this new landscape.

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  • In today's new reality, switching to the cloud could be a safe, dependable hosting option. Find out how a system health check can help you identify the best cloud options.

We understand that companies need more than just technical support which is why we developed our Care+ program. 

The foundation of Care+ includes:

•   Limiting risk

•   Monitoring the overall health of your solution

•   Actively planning for growth and future projects 

Work with ease while we monitor the overall health of your solutions so you can actively plan for growth and future projects.

Care+ Enhanced Support:

Mitigate. Monitor. Plan.

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Free Tools: 

Tools to Keep You Moving Forward

ShareBase by Hyland:

ShareBase is an enterprise file-sharing product that provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organization retains ownership and control.

ShareBase allows your organization to:

•   Gain control over sharing

•   Invest in a sharing application built for the enterprise

•   Empower your users to share and work better, together

Promapp by Nintex:

Establish total visibility and control over your processes with Nintex Promapp. Use visual process mapping software to encourage company-wide collaboration, increase accountability, and improve your processes with one easy-to-use platform.

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To accommodate the challenges of working remote, we're offering these services for free:

  • ShareBase for 3 months
  • Promapp for 30 days 

For more info on starting these free trials, reach out to your sales rep or email 


Embrace a Digital Government During COVID-19 and Beyond

featuring Maricopa County Office of Vital Records

Many government entities are turning to technology for help amid COVID-19.

This webinar recording features Maricopa OVR and how they turned physical applications for birth/death certificates into virtual forms on their public website. Today, constituents can submit applications from their homes, allowing them to stay safe and adhere to social distancing laws.

Don't have time to watch the recording?

Fill out the form below for an email with the full recording.