DATE: WED. JUNE 21, 2023


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Structuring Ambulatory Data 

Putting meaningful information in the right hands.

Learn how a major mid-Atlantic health system generated a system-wide ROI of 210% by automating medical record indexing.

Matt Murphy, Host, DataBank

Jim Erb, Panelist, DataBank

Joanne Vaul, Panelist, Consultant

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How the healthcare industry uses IDP

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Let's get to know each other:

Matt Murphy is the Healthcare Practice Director at DataBank. With eight years of experience in document and data refinement practices and another eight as an EMT, Murphy has expert knowledge in healthcare interoperability, ECM and EMR capabilities and assisting information management professionals in analyzing data, increasing efficiency and telling stories through patient data and documentation. He is passionate about improving patient care and outcomes by helping his clients reach true automation and increasing the availability of documents and data.

Jim Erb has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, installing his first OnBase software in 2001. He has been an instrumental driver in leveraging AI technology for data indexing, and a pioneer of DataBank's Content Intelligence, as well as the leader of the inaugural pilot. He is currently serves as the director of professional services for DataBank Healthcare.

Want to know more about Intelligent Document Processing? Boy, do we have the resource for you. Check out the who, what, when, where, why, and how behind IDP.

Written by Matt Murphy (yes, same guy as above... talented, we know), take a look into how IDP is currently being or could be utilized by the healthcare industry, including medical record indexing.

Content Intelligence is our version of IDP with a 98% accuracy rate. See the process from start to finish and how we partner with you at every step. Trust us, this video is certified fresh.

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Joanne Vaul has over 40 years of experience growing and expanding organizations in healthcare, finance, and systems. Her expertise includes financial consulting, software division start-up, client base development, and a health system’s physician practice and ambulatory services programs. Currently, Joanne works as the vice president for physician integration and ambulatory services at Cape Regional Health System in New Jersey.

Let's not sugar coat it. You need to save money and organize your ambulatory healthcare records better. We can help.

Join a panel discussion regarding:

The state of the healthcare industry

The journey to structuring data in ambulatory practices

The ROI associated with automating medical record indexing